I have tried the X-Pro2 and so what?

This is just a short text to tell you my first impressions after I touched the Fuji X-Pro2. My first feeling is that we have nothing really amazing, but just a solid continuity after the X-Pro1. I was wondering for the last couple of month if it will be a game changer? I have definitively to say that when you was used to the X-Pro1, you can carry on with the X-Pro2 without any great change in your way to work with. For old guys, this is a serious advantage. The image quality is as good maybe better, but I’ll have to make a deeper test to really make a valuable judgment on it.


Just to go deeper, the feeling is good, the handling rather better than the X-Pro1. A better viewfinder, but certainly not as big as the one on the Leica SL, I also tried during last week. This is certainly the best EVF I have ever seen. On the X.Pro2 side, it’s better but this apparently not a huge step forward. The camera is pleasant in my hands, surprisingly lightweight. With some of the key Fuji lenses, the body is really well balanced, and the new grip and thumb rest on the body helps to have a better handling. Coupled with my three favorite lenses, the 56mm f1.2, the 23mm f1.4 and the 16mm f1.4, this body rocks! I was surprised by the old 35mm f1.4. It was noisy, looking like an old pan. Stunning! The new 35mm was totally silent; a huge improvement. I have also tested this new 35mm f2 on my Fuji X-Pro1, and it’s significantly faster. This is maybe why I haven’t found interesting the X-T1. The autofocus was as slow, because the motor on the lens was slow. This is most probably the explanation of why it was so slow. What to say, if you have the opportunity to check the new 35mm give it a chance. It might certainly work better on your old Fuji and on the new ones…

The autofocus works well. Is it really better than what you have with an X-T1 or the recent update on the X-E2, this is really unclear. But it works pretty well; it’s fast and accurate even if it chases the point sometimes. The eye and face recognitions are good and this is one of the major improvements, because you don’t need to focus and to reframe after. But as I said, it works really better with recent lenses.


I really need to check the image quality and the rendering of the new sensor. To check the noise behavior and the way it renders with low lights. I really would like to check how it works with M mount lenses. This is certainly one of the main points to me. I have a good bunch of M mount lenses and I will certainly use them on the X-Pro2 if I have it one day. I was unable to see how manual focus was working on it. I turned of the autofocus on the 56mm, but it was unclear to me what kind of help we have. I have seen the digital split screen, I have also tried the small screen in bottom right corner, but its unclear if magnifications exists. I was not amazed by the resolution of the electronic viewfinder. This is the same as the one on the X-T1, but not with the same magnifications (0.6 on the X-Pro2 instead of 0.7 on the X-T1).

What else? I have to tell you something about the joystick on the back. This is really useful. Quite amazing of simplicity! This is really useful to chage the point. The new menus are also apparently betters. This is a good point even if I have not so much to say about th previous version. I was simply used to. One other point I have to mension is the shutter. Ifast, accurate, responsive and delicious sound. Very quiet, almost soundless, I think useful in many situations where it’s required to be stealthy.

So, to summarize, the body is good, the viewfinder is good, the handling is good, and the autofocus is good. What else. I need to check it and to make some images with it. I should have the camera on loan at the end of March. I will be then able to do these tests and to get back with some answers to our questions.

My lonely concern actually is with the sale price. If we compare some camera on the same category, it’s a little bit expensive. And traditionally Fuji is losing a lot of its values pretty quickly. Wait and see might be the right advice. Except if you are sure of your choice.

I’ll change my images the day I’ll have mine of the X-Pro2. In the meantime, two photographs of my previous experimentations.





4 réflexions sur “I have tried the X-Pro2 and so what?

  1. 2000 bucks for a camera that is not even a full frame it’s a lot, even if it’s a superb camera. If you take the OM-1 with a good lens it’s also not far from 2000…for a m4/3. Let’s wait and see. Alain also told me he wasn’t that impressed (ok it certainly has improved).

  2. Actually this is 1700.- and the camera has not reached the shelves. The Leica SL is more than 6k. I had a very good impression with this camera and it will be certainly in my bag later this year. I’ll have to test it and to see how it performs… What is huge is the improvement potential of this camera.

  3. Merci Dragan pour cette première approche.
    Comme je l’écrivais antérieurement, les attentes relatives à ce X-Pro2 étaient immenses…
    Du rêve à la réalité : un très bon boitier, certainement ; une évolution du X-Pro1 mais pas une révolution !



    1. Je pense que la prise en main est méritée. Leo me fait encore une belle série de photos intéressantes et j’aime l’utiliser. Maintenant, l’amour d’un appareil photo n’est pas dans ces spécs, mais dans son utilisation. Je n’aurai pas de Leica autrement. Je me réjouis de la prise en main. C’est l’image et la prise d’image qui va faire la différence. J’ai eu un SL entre les mains récemment, et je dois bien avouer que l’expérience est réjouissante. Quel viseur, quel écran et quelle qualité d’image! Excellente!

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