Voigtlaender Ultron 35mm f1.7 Vintage line, one year after…

Square #157

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

The guy in the corner

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

Since more than a year, I’m using the Voigtlaender Ultron 35mm f1.7. This is in a certain way the poor’s man Summilux 35, just a stop away. I have tried this with many cameras, mainly with the Leica M9P, the Sony A7s, sometimes with the Fujifilm X-Pro1, and usually with the Leica M-P.

Waiting for...

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

Why do I have to write something more about this lens? Certainly because this blog is one of the rare that has wrote something about the latest Ultron, certainly also because this on a daily basis, my most read article. So, is there a need for an update?

Low lights

In my lens collection, the Ultron is, to be perfectly honest, not main work horse. My 35mm line-up is composed of the Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2, I have also the wonderful but heavy Voigtlaender Nokton 35mm f1.2 and also the Nokton Classic 35mm f1.4. This one is very special, as this is not a recommended lens if you are a pixel peeper. But this lens has so much character that I find it simply amazing. My last is the Leica Summicorn 35mm Asph. A legend.

Les repreneurs...

To get back to the Voigtlaender, the idea is not if this lens is sharp or not, it’s not about its flaws, but it’s only if you like it or not. Actually I find it too heavy, I’ll certainly go for aluminum version instead of brass one. The hundred grams makes the difference.

Chained and unchained

Sony A7S & VM35/1.7A

I don’t like that there’s no fixed stops at 0.7m, it makes it easier to use at short distance, especially with the rangefinder focusing. But, mainly that’s all. That’s all I have to say against this beautiful lens. It behaves wonderfully well in most of the photographic situations. It is sharp wide open and it goes better and better as stopped down.

Way out

Sony A7S & VM35/1.7A

I have read a lot of bad experience with field curvature. This is apparently due to the « huge » stack of glass on the Sony A7 series sensor. I have tested the lens on Sony A7s and I was not disturbed but this problem. But it could happen. The lens works well on Fuji too. It’s an interesting solution, but the standard Fuji lenses at 35mm are very impressive. The use of a M mount lens on Fuji, provides more tonality and graduations. But, it’s obviously less useful on a daily basis.

Another waiting time

Fuji X-Pro1 & VM35/1.7A

During the past month I have tried several 35 mm lens in different photographic conditions, as it becomes more and more a focal I like. That was not the case a couple of years ago. I have even compared them with the 23mm from Fuji.

Walk the line

Fuji X-Pro1 & VM35/1.7A

What I have to say now, it’s more a question of feelings, how you feel with the lens and how you like the results. When compared with the Leica Summicron 35mm Asph or the Zeiss Biogon 35mm f2, it’s really complicated to see a difference on screen or in print. In fact, the level of perfection is so high, that there’s no need to chase more. This lens is playing in the same league as the best in class.

Mañana Dom

Sony A7S & VM35/1.7A

What I haven’t understood is the snobbism around Leica lenses and the Voigtländer placed by the users far behind. Many of the web reviewers are really pixel peeping on some lenses, trying to find any dust of differences. This lens is good, really good. The voigtänder marketing is poor, but on the technical side, this one is awesome.

Square #77

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

I will be very interested to have another lens from this wonderful serie. I have and use already the fabulous Nokton 50mm f1.5 that is simply perfecly matching the Leica or the Sony A7 camera. But if Mr Kobayashi decides to make a 28mm in the same familly opening at f2, this will be great if it has the same technical qualities. The actual Ultron is from my stand point particularly impressive, but I have a very good copy.

Square #79

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

I have also tried this lens for street photography or for some landscape shots. I’ll let you check by yourself. Click on the images and you’ll be linked to my flickr stream. Enjoy.

Square #105

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

Square #76

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

Out there #3

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

Out there #2

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

Rayo puro soleador...

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

El pescador

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A

Square #108

Leica M-P(240) & VM35/1.7A


3 réflexions sur “Voigtlaender Ultron 35mm f1.7 Vintage line, one year after…

  1. Salut Dragan,

    J’adore ta première image.

    Je m’étonne un peu que tu trouves ce 35/1.7 trop lourd car il ne pèse que 33 gr en plus que le Nokton Siver 50/1.5 dont tu ne t’es jamais plaint. Bien au contraire…

    Salutations à toute la petite famille.



    1. Salut Sympho,
      Ben pour te répondre, quand tu prend le Nokton 35 dans une main et l’Ultron 35 chromé dans l’autre, la différence n’est pas manifeste. Ils sont lourd tous les deux. La notion de lourd est relative, mais comme l’objet est compact, c’est l’impression que ça donne. Le Biogon ou le Summicron sont eux réellement plus légers. La version aluminium de l’Ultron est comparable aux deux précédents. En ce qui concerne le Nokton 50, je possède effectivement les deux version. La chromée est plus élégante, la noire en alu est plus légère. Actuellement je préfère la noire. Merci de la visite.

  2. D’accord avec toi Dragan sur les versions chrome et alu : élégance versus légèreté.
    J’ai également les deux en Nokton 50/1.5

    A te lire, comme toujours avec passion.


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